Jack Kerouac

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Jean-Louis Kérouac was an American novelist and poet of French-Canadian descent. One of the pioneers of the Beat Generation alongside Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs he is most recognised for his method of spontaneous prose. His works rest on themes of spirituality, travel, jazz, drug use and coming of age. Kerouac liked to use his peers as inspiration for his characters, often recalling events from his life in his work. Uncomfortable with the noteriety that arose after the release of his most famous book 'On The Road', Kerouac died at the young age of 47 following a lifetime of heavy drinking.

  • Lowell, Massachusetts
  • USA
  • 12/03/1922 - 21/10/1969
  • Poet Novelist
  • 47 Years Old

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Jack Kerouac Poster
Jack Kerouac Paper Detail
Jack Kerouac Poster Tube
"Restraint is key when creating each 5834 piece. I have revised and reduced the approach to the point where further subtraction would render the image totally unrecognisable. For me it's about achieving absolute minimalism without loss of clarity.

Each artwork is constructed one dot at a time on a painstakingly precise grid. At this level of minimalism anything less would be a half measure."

- Aaron Howes | 5834.store Creator

Halftone is a reprographic technique first patented by William Fox Talbot in 1852, but it wasn't until 1882 that the German Georg Meisenbach patented a commercially viable halftone process. The technique simulates continuous tone through the use of dots, varying either in size or spacing, and generating a gradient effect.

Having worked in the print industry for the last decade, designer Aaron Howes became fascinated with halftone printing techniques and the unique aesthetic it creates. A fan of the minimalism art movement, Aaron wanted to find a way to reduce imagery to its geometric core, whilst still retaining the subject's form. Using halftone as a jump off point, he painstakingly developed a technique over several years, settling on the accurate count of five thousand eight hundred and thirty four dots as the point where images begin to lose their visual clarity.

Aaron has created two editions of posters using his technique so far; 'Places' and 'Faces'. 'Places' charts some of the locations Aaron has visited in recent years and has been a unique way for him to capture memories from his travels. 'Faces' pays tribute to some of Aaron's heroes and forms a great companion series to the earlier works, presenting a whole new direction for the project to move into.

Whilst continuing to work on additions to each series, Aaron is also on the hunt for commission pieces to expand the collection further, and is excited to see what else 5834 dots can reveal.

Contact Aaron enquire@5834.store to discuss your ideas.


Very Limited
Editions of 20

Every 5834.store piece is numbered by hand and strictly limited to an edition of just twenty of each available colour way.


High Spec

Expertly printed in the United Kingdom at A3 size (297mm x 420mm) on stunning 270gsm Colorplan uncoated paper.



All prints are carefully packed into robust triangular postal tubes to ensure they reach you undamaged and in peak condition.

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